BizConnect is one of the best cloud based contact and lead management solutions for professionals and businesses.This mobile application can efficiently manage your business cards and contacts at the click of a button. It provides the easiest way to scan business cards and efficiently manage them. Unlike other applications, BizConnect delivers 100% accuracy and will never get your details wrong as it stringently leverages OCR and human intelligence. It has an active presence in 191 countries and is trusted by more than 100 Thousand users. BizConnect is available for both android and ios phones. BizConnect provides easy management of cards, exporting data to excel, google and outlook which reduces redundant duplicate work. You can also use it to create your own team and assign collaborative tasks to the staff to increase efficiency through teamwork. It also includes the ability to create and observe sales leads and log business activities like meetings,site visits, call or email. It's an efficient and intelligent mobile CRM. It's a must have application and a helping hand to companies as this provides a complete solution to create & track leads, assigns tasks to members and evaluate the performance reports. The best part of BizConnect is that it generates a lead score using its intelligent & credulous algorithm which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. This score signifies the probability of successful conversion thus helping an individual to improve its success rate and metrics. BizConnect domain is a productivity application. We have a noteworthy 4.8 rating out of 5 and thousands of positive reviews on play store.

Sep 2017 United Arab Emirates