Cavli Wireless

Cavli Wireless is an IoT building block provider, bringing together connectivity, application processing capability and data management into one single platform. Cavli Wireless was founded with a vision to simplify the present IoT value chain to make it simpler for businesses to launch and globally deploy IoT solutions globally in shortest possible time. In other words, we simplify the B2B IoT value chain from prototyping to mass production to global scaleup. We do this by combining 3 key pillars of any IoT solution (be it smart meter, fleet management device, agricultural IoT etc...) The pillars are: 1. Connectivity Modem/Module (C-Series and P-Series Connectivity & Compute Modules) 2. IoT Connectivity (Our partnerships with global telcos for LPWAN connectivities like NB-IoT & LTE-M) 3. Device and connectivity Management Platform (Cavli Hubble Platform – Cavli Wireless designs & manufactures industry-grade cellular IoT connectivity and compute modules that enable seamless cellular IoT implementation and faster product deployment different IoT applications worldwide. All of Cavli's Smart Modules are loaded with global cellular connectivity with the integrated eSIM feature which is powered by our GSMA certified eSIM provisioning system. This ensures that our customers get to enjoy attractive cellular data rates around the world along with hassle-free deployment and subscription management through our proprietary device and connectivity management platform – Cavli Hubble. With our GSMA certified platform & native connectivity hardware, we work with telecom operators around the world to facilitate global scaleup to IoT product makers around the world. Our proprietary stack embedded (Hubble Stack) in the hardware enables it to interact with our connectivity platform monitoring several device performance parameters real-time. This layer of intelligence helps to automate several parameters related to devise performance like remote diagnosis, because of which the manual intervention required is less. We have designed a full suite solution in an industry that has many fragmented players in the value chain.

Oct 2017 United States