Find Me Football

“Find Me Football” is a network of and for amateur football players, that allows them to connect to each other and play real life games together. The technology used in the app makes it undeniably easier for users to plan games and find others to play with. Since launching in December of 2018, “Find Me Football” has gone nationwide, with more than 1500 games created around Egypt with games ranging from Luxor to Tanta and everything in between. These games were created by the 13,000 user who have downloaded the app in that time. Currently the games’ completion rate is as high as 90% in certain areas such as Alexandria, Maadi and both Masr el Gedeeda and Nasr City. All of this has been achieved using bootstrap methods with the current marketing spend standing at 0 EGP. The upcoming update for the app has us introducing a tournament tab, which provides a bigger platform for users to test their skills in a competitive environment and for sponsors to showcase their products to a wider audience and through our push notification system. This will also include adding gamification to increase time spent on the app by users between games which will maximize visibility even more.

Jan 2018 EGYPT